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Expert Tips To Solve Your Plumbing Issues In An Emergency!

5 Signs You Need To Call A Toilet Replacement Plumber

No one is unaware of plumbing emergencies, whether a leaky pipeline or a clogged drain. Although you can call experts like AEPX Plumbing to fix the problem, you have to perform some tasks to prevent the water from overflowing. For instance, clogged toilets or sinks are awful; yards with sewage backing up into it can be a disaster. You will probably have a plumbing emergency as a homeowner at some point. However, you can resolve your issues smartly with some useful tips from experts. 

Below are some suggestions to assist you in determining the issue, deciding what to do, and avoiding further harm to your home.

What Are The Scenarios That Need Instant Attention?

Few plumbing emergencies are unavoidable, but you can do things to lessen your chances of experiencing one. You’ll experience fewer plumbing headaches if you avoid these things:

  • Flushing wipes
  • Draining oil or grease
  • Lessen the use of garbage disposal 
  • Drain your water heater every year to get rid of the sediment accumulation.
  • Avoid hanging things from exposed pipes
  • Don’t clean the drain with harsh chemicals 

Unpredictable plumbing problems can result in highly pricey repairs. You may avoid stress and sleep well, knowing that your plumbing is secure with a little forethought and comprehension. 

Some Tricks That You Can Follow Before A Plumber Arrives!

You can call an expert in case of any plumbing emergency, but there are certain problems that you can fix yourself. Some of the most common issues are:

Shutting Off The Water To A Leaky Fixture

1. Check underneath the fixture or cabinet for a sparkling valve.

2. Rotate in a clockwise direction. Get some pliers and gently work back and forth until it moves freely.

Turning Off The Water In The House

Locate the shut-off valve at your house. Find a handle that is typically 2 to 3 feet off the ground. Turn the handle in a clockwise direction. If it’s frozen, use some pliers and gradually move back and forth until it can spin without resistance.

Relight A Water Heater

1. Turn off the gas and locate the gas shut-off valve. Turn it off and wait 5-10 minutes to ensure all the gas has cleared.

2. Find the pilot light access, open the cover to the pilot and look inside the opening with the help of a flashlight to find the burner, along with two gas tubes.

3. Return to the gas valve and turn the knob to “Pilot.” With an extended lighter, reach into the access and ignite the pilot.

4. Once the pilot lights, hold the knob or button down for around one minute, slowly release the knob/button, and check that there’s still a flame from the pilot.

5. Return to the gas valve and set the “On” knob.

After restarting the heater, replace the access cover and recheck the hot water.

Take Care Of Our Plumbing Needs With The Help Of An Expert!

In case of any plumbing emergency, you can contact AEPX Plumbing or browse through our website for plumbing tricks. Our expert suggestions and services ensure all your plumbing needs are met under a single roof!

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Shutting off the water to a leaky fixture:

1. Look for shiny valve under the fixture or cabinet,

2. Turn clockwise. If it is frozen in place, get some pliers and gently work back and forth until it turns freely.

3. See my video demonstration below.

Shutting off the house water

Usually the shut-off valve is near the front part of the house in the basement or in a utility closet with a water heater and furnace. Look for a handle usually 2′-3′ off the floor. Turn handle clockwise. If frozen, get pliers and gently work back and forth until it turns freely.

Relight a waterheater

1. See my video describing this below.

Unclog a toliet

Increase faucet water flow

Turn off a leaky water heater