Why Your Toilet Flush Is Not Functioning Properly?

Why Your Toilet Flush Is Not Functioning Properly

Nothing can be more distressing than the time when you go to the washroom and the flush doesn’t function properly. However, the situation is common for a homeowner who continues to take drainage maintenance for granted. Besides that, if you’re familiar with a hissing sound coming from your toilet flush, it means your toilet flush is not functioning properly and you’re facing difficulty refilling it every time you use it. But have you ever thought about the possibilities behind it or you immediately call for plumbing repair services? 

It might have happened because of a minor leak from the tank to the bowl or an issue with the inlet valve. The possibilities are endless. Hence, before you call for plumbing services, it’s best to know the underlying causes behind it. Thus, to help you with it, we have jotted the list of key reasons behind the inappropriate working of the flush. 

Top Causes Behind Slow Flushing Toilets

Undoubtedly, many homeowners experience this problem at one time or another. However, a slow-draining toilet can leave you feeling flustered, particularly when you don’t know the cause of the weak flush. Thus, to help you identify the problem, here are some common explanations for a slow-draining toilet.

  • There Might Be A Clog In The Toilet 

Clogged toilets can be the primary reason behind the ineffective functioning of the flush since toilets are designed to handle a certain type of waste. The reason can be clogged items like sanitary products like napkins, toilet paper, etc. Though. the fairly small clogs close to the surface can still be handled or resolved yourself, in case of stubborn clogs, you need to call a residential plumbing repair. 

  • Broken Chain Inside The Flush

Sometimes, the water does not come running down even after rigorously pressing the flush button. The possibility can be broken chains inside the flush tank. In simple words, the flush button gets disconnected by the flapper and, in return, doesn’t allow your toilet to flush. However, when they both are connected, pressing the button, in turn, uplifts the flapper, and water comes out of the toilet bowl. Though one can try to reattach it on their own, it’s always advisable to call an expert for plumbing repair services to get effective services.

  • The Toilet Tank’s Water Level Is Low

Another possibility of the improper functioning of the toilet flush can be the inappropriate amount of water in the cistern. The low water level cannot allow it to flow in the toilet bowl. Though, one can check the water in the toilet tank by themselves. Moreover, ensure that water is about one inch under the top of your overflow tube. If so, one can fix it by twisting the flush valve. Even after doing it, you still struggle, for it might be because the float ball is not adjusting to the water level, and for it, you need to call plumbing repair services.

  •  Issues With The Drain Pipes

Not in every scenario your toilet flush is not functioning. There might be a chance that your flush is functioning efficiently, but the issue lies within the drain line. The reason might be the accumulation of all the waste in the pipes. Further, the pipes cannot move the debris to the septic tank or sewer. To observe this issue, you can check your house’s drains. If you feel that the pipes are clogged in such cases, it’s best to call avail professional plumbing services.

Get Rid Of the Slow Flushing Toilets With Our Professionals Now!

There can be many DIY hacks that you may find suitable to solve the flush problem, but they can cause issues in the long run costing you more money for maintenance and repair. The issue of extreme stubborn congestion within the toilet or issues with the pipes can be resolved by experts. Contact our professionals at APEX Plumbing if you seek bathroom plumbers near me. Address the flush problem soon, as improper flush can lead to a musty smell, creating an unhealthy environment for your family. Contact us now!

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