5 Things You Need To Stop Putting Down Your Drains Right Now

Our daily habit is tossing the items unknowingly into the drains and landing in trouble. Common habits observed in homeowners nowadays are disposing of household cleaners or common items like scraps down the kitchen sink. But, if you are doing it, you should know that these habits can cause you to pay heavy bills and opt for a professional drain service in Logan in the long run. Since these items can eventually lead to a failure in your home’s plumbing system, you need to be extra careful when flushing waste substances down your sewage lines or drain pipes. Therefore, to protect your plumbing system, we have made a list of things to avoid throwing in your drains. 

Items You Need To Stop Putting In Your Drains

No one wants puddles of water in their homes, and one should take specific measures to avoid such incidents. Let’s dive in to know what things you should not put in your drains anymore to avoid facing costly plumbing repairs and sewage pipe installations.

1. Wet Wipes

The most common thing that individuals throw in their toilets follows the myth that they will break down eventually. You might be surprised that even flushable wipes create blockages in the drainage pipes with time. The wipes have a moisture-retaining feature causing more plumbing problems. 

2. Cotton Balls Or Paper Towels

Many believe cotton balls are biodegradable and instantly dissolve in drainage pipes. But that is not the case. They also cause problems like soaking all the water, which is the perfect culprit in clogging your pipes. Therefore, one should use a dustbin to dispose of them instead of using the drain pipes in your bathrooms. At last, you can always rely on our expert toilet plumber in Logan and seek their professional assistance in eliminating unwanted drain blockages and pipe clogs.

3. Grease Or Oil

The grease is the liquid that gets thick in cold temperatures. If you pour grease into the sink, immediately stop as it solidifies and might affect the functioning of the pipes in your drainage systems. Further, you might be left with no choice but to call the experts skilled at delivering reliable and skilled drain services in Logan. 

4. Kitchen Waste

Sometimes while washing the dishes, we pour all the leftovers from the plate into the kitchen sink. We understand that doing the dishes sometimes can be tedious, but one should not throw those items in the drain. It might clog and cause an unbearable smell. To save yourself from this, consider calling our experts at APEX Plumbing and avail yourself of our budget-friendly drain service in Logan. 

5. Paint

Do your kids let the paint pour down the sink? Whether it is water-based or oil-based paint, one should not pour it into the sink. The reason to avoid the paint is the countless toxins and chemicals present in the paint that can end up in the water supply. If by chance you have poured and still your drains are clogged, consider connecting with our top-rated plumbing proficients offering highly-skilled drain service in Logan

Call In The Experts To Solve Your Plumbing Problems!

These are some of the items that you should avoid. Further, if you are facing troubles like clogged drains, leaky faucets, or toilet repair in Smithfield, call our plumbers at APEX Plumbing. Our family-owned business is there to cater to all your plumbing problems with our top-notch services. Connect with us today to explore how we can greatly assist you during your plumbing crisis.

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